Finebaord Round Luxury Vanity Stool for Vanity Tables Makeup Dressing Tables Piano, Black

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Dressing Table for the Discerning Eye
This lovely dressing table is an elegant set of furniture for bedrooms. The vanity set is designed to suit any decor and taste. It will fit into a modern bedroom just as well as a retro design room. The three mirror French Style dressing table is large enough to give you ample storing space without taking up too much of floor space. It is a delicate looking piece of furniture that will not dominate the room.

Five Drawer Vanity set 

The table has five drawers that provide ample storage space for all the little things that go into being a well-turned out person. The center drawer is the largest of the five. The four drawers on the side are all the same size. The pull out drawers can be used to store all your makeup, jewelry, accessories, medicines, etc.

Three Mirror Dressing Tables with Stool

The dressing table has three mirrors. The mirrors have an arched frame with the tallest mirror being the one in the center. The two smaller side mirrors are mounted on hinges and can be folded 180 degrees. The matching stool is round in shape with four legs that replicate the legs of the table. It is upholstered in a matching cloth and padded for maximum comfort.


✔️ Color: White
✔️ Stool capacity: 250lb (113kg)
✔️ Material: PB / MDF / Hardwood
✔️ Product weight: 83.8lb (35kg)
✔️ Package weight: 77.2lb (38kg)


✔️ Overall size: W42.5" x D18.9"x H55.7" (W108cm x D48cm x H142cm)
✔️ Table size: W42.5" x D18.9"x H31.1" (W108cm x D48cm x H79cm)
✔️ Table top: W12.4" x D13.7” x H2.76" (W31.5cm x D34.7cm x H7cm) 
✔️ Middle mirror: W14" x H20.6" (W35.5cm x H52.4cm)
✔️ Two side mirror: W5.12" x H18.5" (W13cm x H47cm)
✔️ Stool size: W15.7" x D15.7" x H17.7" (W40cm x D40cm x H45cm)