Fineboard Luxury Vanity Table Stool Wood Unique Shape Floral Crafted for Vanity Tables or Other Extravagant Tables with Artwork, White

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Fineboard Luxury Vanity Table Stool Wood Unique Shape with Artwork
Luxury and craftsmanship mix to give you an amazing table stool with impressive detailing and artwork. The glamorous leg design combined with the elegant artwork will appeal in any bedroom. This is an original design by Fineboard and can easily replace your Vanity table stools.

Floral Print & Artwork
The elegant white leg design is mixed with contemporary floral print artwork to create a one-of-a-kind furniture masterpiece. The thick cushion will make the seating enjoyable while you doing your make up or simply enjoying your free time.

Versatile Usage
Besides using it as a table stool for your Vanity table by Fineboard, you can use it for any other vanity tables, dressing, makeup and even as a piano stool. It’s all due to the simple and elegant design that can fit into both contemporary and classy settings!

Undeniably great craftsmanship
Our skilled craftsman created this stunning stool combining different trusted techniques to create and recreate a real piece of wood artwork.

Why Fineboard Vanity Table Stool?
??original design
?? neatly elegant artwork
?? strong and sturdy
?? thick enjoyable cushion
?? can be used in both contemporary, young, old or classic settings
?? very easy to assemble
?? sold and produced from a trusted furniture brand
?? 100% guaranteed quality

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