Fineboard Vanity Set with Stool Makeup Table with 7 Organization Drawers single Oval Mirror, White

Regular price $189.00

Well-made dressing table in premium MDF board and hardwood that is designed to perfection and made to last. The white polished vanity set has wood carved details on the front of the drawers and the stool which add a rich luxurious look to the set. The vanity set has one mirror. The mirror is oval in shape with plain broad frames. The mirror is the large measuring 11.6” X 16.5”. And is hinged so can move 180 degrees. They can be angled to reflect the maximum light and easy viewing from front as well as back. The vanity has a total of seven drawers. One large, four medium and two small with one shelf underneath the mirrors. The entire mirror assembly is one separate piece and can be used either with the table or as a separate wall hung mirror vanity. The vanity comes with a matching padded and upholstered stool that compliments the color of the dressing table. The stool is rectangular with four legs. It can be easily stored underneath the table to save on floor space. The set is compact enough to fit into most modern apartments. The package size for shipping is 37.4” X 17.7” X 17.7” The total packed weight is 61.7lbs. The package includes all that is required to assemble the set. Order now.