Fineboard Beauty Station Makeup Table and Wooden Stool Set with Mirrors and Organization Drawers, Brown

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The vanity set is a beautifully crafted piece of furniture. The elegant French style dressing table is designed not only for its visual appeal but also for practicality. It is made of hard wood and high density MDF board which will last you a long time. The brown color finish on the dressing set is hardwearing and spill proof. It will retain its good looks for years to come. The set includes a dressing table with three mirrors. The center mirror is the largest and has two smaller mirrors on the side. The side mirrors can be folded in at any angle and the center mirror can be angled easily for perfect view while using the vanity set. All the three mirrors are oval in shape. The stool has a padded seat for maximum comfort and upholstered in a matching brown color cloth. The vanity set has five drawers to accommodate all your cosmetics and jewelry. There are two small and three large drawers. All drawers are pullouts. There is a large surface space on the table top to arrange all that you may wish to put there. There is a thin ledge under the mirrors to accommodate smaller bottles, perfumes and lotions, etc. The total packed weight is 70.6lbs. The package includes all that is required to assemble the set. Order now.