Fineboard Three Mirror Vanity Dressing Table Set with Stool. Single Drawer Makeup Table and Mirror set in Wood, White

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If you are looking for a compact yet elegant vanity set then this is the one for you. The vanity table set with three mirrors and a stool is just the ideal size to fit into any modern flat or apartment without hogging precious floor space. The elegant style will fit in with all kinds of interiors. The ageless design will match a contemporary decor as much as it wills an antique setting. The high gloss white enamel finish imparts it a luxurious and rich look that will lift up the energy of any room. Though designed as a vanity, the table set is not confined into the role of just a dressing table. It is elegant enough to serve as a console table or even as a study table. The table has three mirrors. The center mirror is fixed while the side mirrors are hinged and can be angled. The table has one single drawer in the center. The large drawer is ideal to store all your toiletries in one place without cluttering the table top. The table set is constructed with hardwood and premium grade MDF board. It is designed to last a lifetime without warping or splitting. The package size for shipping is 35” X 15” X 20”. The total packed weight is 44lbs. The DIY package contains all that you will need to assemble the set. Order yours now.