Fineboard Wooden Vanity Set, Dressing Table with 3 Mirrors and Stool, Four Drawer Make up Table, White

Regular price $189.00

Here is the dressing table that you have been looking for. It is just the right size to fit into a modern day bedroom without hogging up all the space. It comes with its own matching stool which can be stored under the dressing table when not in use. This helps to economize on the space even more. The set is made with wood and MDF board to give you a high quality product at a very affordable price. The dressing table has three mirrors that can be adjusted to give you the exact view that you wish. The center larger mirror is fixed, while the two smaller mirrors on the sides are mounted on hinges. The mirrors have a fluted design frame which makes it a very attractive piece of furniture. There are four pull out drawers to store things safely. There is a thin shelf under the mirror and has two small drawers placed on either side of the mirror. The two larger drawers are placed under the table top. The four legs are designed for elegance and simplicity. The vanity stool is designed to match the table. It is upholstered in a beautiful rich looking white fabric with self-design. The stool is the perfect size to be stowed away after use and fits under the table. The package weight of the set is 61.8lbs and the package dimension is 42.1” X 19.7” x 16.5”.