Fineboard Antique Vanity table in Wood Dressing table set with Stool 2 + 2 Organization Drawer and 1 Mirror, White

Regular price $149.00

The vanity set is designed for elegance and beauty. It is a beautifully crafted piece of furniture that will be a proud addition to any bedroom. The clean lines and stylized mirror frame with fret work give it an antique style look. The contemporary lines and satin smooth glossy finish add to the overall appeal of this dressing table and mirror set with stool. The vanity set has a total of four drawers. Two larger ones built into the table and two attached to the removable mirror frame. All the four drawers are embellished with beautifully carved floral motifs. The drawers are pulling out type. The mirror frame is a stylized oval with scrolled fret work on the sides that add to its appeal. The mirror assembly is removable and can be hung up on the wall to increase the table top surface area. The table can be used by itself as a study table, work table, desk etc. The curved legs complete the styling of the dressing table. The set includes a matching stool that goes with the dressing table. The stool has the same curved legs and floral motif on the side to match the table. It is padded for comfort and upholstered in a matching fabric. Shipping size is 29.9” X12.6” X 24”. The total weight is 39.7lbs. The DIY package contains all that you will need to assemble the set.